Our Nursery

Little Buds

Welcome to our Little Buds, which is our baby room, where we provide care from 3 months to 15 months.

The Little Buds rooms is bright and spacious, with adequate areas for babies to crawl, walk, explore and investigate. 


Each day has a range of activities to engage babies in a safe and stimulating environment, there is a range of sensory areas with a variety of textures and natural materials, a messy area with sand and water play, a physical area, dens and cosy areas.

Little Climbers

Welcome to our Little Climbers, where we provide care for our toddler children from 15 months - 30 months.

Our Little Climbers share the dedicated rooms with our Little Flowers, to provide a free flow continuous play with an outdoor area.

Each day provides the children with a range of activities to explore in a stimulating varied environment.

We enable the children to make their own choices from provided opportunities through role play, creative play, physical play, small world and quiet time.

Little Flowers

Welcome to our Little Flowers, where we care for our Pre school children from 30 months to 60 months.

Our Little Flowers share the dedicated room with our Little Climbers, to provide a free flow continuous play with outdoor access.

As well as including a range of play areas to engage children, we provide a range of learning and development opportunities including understanding phonics to meet school requirements and the education provided is of high quality.

We provide a range of stimulating and challenging activities, where they can access a wide variety of exploring equipment and areas.

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